Customized Business Solutions

to suit your strategic goals.

Website & Software Development

We do tailor made custom software development projects that fits to your needs.

Graphic Designing

We provide vector design, image editing, poster / banner creation across verticals

Ecommerce Services

We provide content listing, reattribution, content moderation services to ecommerce companies.

Staffing & Support Services

We provide trained manpower for both onsite & offshore projects.

About Us

IT Consulting | Software & Website Development | Staffing & Training | Ecommerce Services | Content Management | Graphic Design Services.

DCODIX LLC is a one-of-its-kind company offering an assortment of services to clients across diverse industries. We employ top-notch processes and implement stringent security measures to optimize work and scale up the business according to your requirements.
As businesses evolve into better and more promising dimensions in digital age , DCODIX is poised to help you focus on your core competencies. We offer an entire universe of customized business solutions that are prime enablers to your digital infrastructure. It is over years of practice and implementational success, that we have ranked to become a partner of choice for most of our clients globally. Our global partnerships & collaborations enable us to support client’s requirements round the clock. We continue to provide our top-notch customers with highly skilled professionals to help them design and deploy their IT projects. Our strategic relationships with global partners ensure that we share diverse, successfully tested business ideas and solutions with our clients.
Founded by IT professionals, DCODIX delivers unified IT solutions designed for today’s organizations and to support the way people work. Delivered on the latest technology platforms, DCODIX offers various technologies as per client needs and also provide professional IT staffing that delivers you better results.

  • DCODIX LLC - Partnering for Success
  • Global support partnerships, low cost FTE seats
  • A wide array of tech & non tech services enabled through our service network

DCODIX provides a wide variety of value-added integrated IT solutions to customers across a multitude of markets and geographies. Our skilled consultants and professionals help our customers achieve and exceed their business goals by deploying, designing, and implementing optimized and scalable IT solutions that continuously exceed their expectations.
Our hard-working specialists take care of your essentials such as tech support, customer service, front office to help you focus on the core operations of your company. We understand your business requirements and accordingly design strategies to maximize the progress and ensure the services and products are efficiently delivered.
As an organization we have always focused on going that extra mile. Providing customer satisfaction and delight is part of an overall journey toward success. Our partnership approach ensures constant innovation, continuous quality improvement and a value creation for our customers. We pioneer in delivering Software Development, IT Consulting, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Services, Staffing & Training projects world wide.

Brands Serviced

Modules Implemented

Tech Man-Hours Served

Global Service Partnerships


We offer an array of services, our project experts shall be glad to customize them as per your requirement.

Software Development

We offer custom-made software development services for startups, medium size companies and large enterprises.

  • Focused Software Teams
  • Full Cycle Custom Development
  • Help your in-house team
  • Mitigate risk with QA & Testing
  • Website Development

    We build custom website & interfaces as per user requirement that augments users digital presence to the next level.

  • Focused Software Teams
  • Full Cycle Custom Development
  • Help your in-house team
  • Mitigate risk with QA & Testing
  • Ecommerce Services

    We are skilled to provide complete content creation services to our clients globally, Our team manages to support & deliver customized client requirements for

  • Content creation, SKU setup
  • Variant Grouping & Product Attribution
  • Product listing strategy
  • Content Delivery
  • Staffing & Training Services

    DCODIX believes in nurturing and retaining the young, energetic and talented freshers and candidates by providing training, making them the best fit for deputation in any country.
    We provide flexible business models for our clients to choose from.

    • HOURLY DEVOTED RESOURCE Model : This is the most preferred model where hourly rates apply. Its desirable for the small projects, websites or where the scope indicate the working hours required. Our hourly rates are very competitive and large pool of resources are available in various technologies.
    • ONSITE Model : If you want our employees to work for you from your premises only. This model is needed when the required knowledge is available only at customer location and the need is keep on changing or if its required to work under protected environment. We provide our resources to work with you at your location.
    • OFFSHORE Model : If you choose the Offshore Development model, you can hire dedicated resources and get complete access of entire team along with infrastructure build for your project. ODM team would be headed by a leader who will work with you as a first point of contact to ensure a smooth operation.

    DCODIX believes in keeping their professionals ready to execute any project at any given time on any technology as per the clients’ requirement. Our technology teams are abreast with the latest in cutting edge technologies. DCODIX provides the right simulation in conducting training to their professionals.

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